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There are many great sites about Subarus and in particular the WRX and STi versions of the Impreza so I won't try to duplicate what they have already done. I'm just putting up this website to highlight the features of the Limited edition in the hopes of generating more support for this type of vehicle. When you buy the Limited, you get the following changes and additions to the Impreza WRX Sti:
  • Leather Interior, really very nice leather too. Very soft, not hard like so many other japanese cars.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Sun Roof.
  • Front chin spoiler. (I think it's really sharp looking.)
  • Lustrous silver painted wheels.
  • Fog lamps.
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass.
  • Fold down rear armrest with access to the trunk.
  • Emblem noting the number of the vehicle.
  • Pearl White or "Urban Gray" paint. The gray is more a rich, deep, dark silver color than gray to me.
  • Delete rear wing, IOW, "The Picnic Table" is gone. :-)
  • Delete roof mounted rear spoiler. Makes for a cleaner look.

The total package creates a car that can stand out, or blend in, depending on your surroundings. By that I mean, on the standard STI, the big wing totally dominates the looks of the car. With the wing missing, now you can see the lines of the car and appreciate the ground effects, the fender flares, and the overall look of the vehicle. It has a European/Japanese hybrid look to me. One I very much appreciate. :) One thing they could do to clean up the lines of this car is remove the ugly front license plate mounting boss. - Drag Racing Timeslip Database

Disclaimer: This site is not endorsed nor sponsored by Subaru. I do not work for Subaru, I just like the car.